Area Code Mnemonics

A mnemonic (nee-MON-ic) is a simple trick to assist in remembering something not directly related. For instance, HOMES for the names of the Great Lakes. Telephone mnemonics often use the letters on the telephone dial to spell words. As the list has grown much longer, I have separated out the intentional choices, clearly chosen specifically because of the mnemonic shown, from the ones that may have been, or in some cases undoubtedly were, accidents.

Intentional Mnemonics

Code Mnem. Area Notes
229 ABY GA: southwestern ✈️ ABY Albany Airport
246 BIM 🇧🇧 Barbados local nickname for Barbados
264 ANG 🇦🇮 Anguilla (Caribbean)  
268 ANT 🇦🇬 ANTigua and Barbuda (Caribbean)
284 BVI 🇻🇬 British Virgin Islands  
321 FL: Space Coast, Cape Canaveral 3-2-1-blastoff! 🧑‍🚀🚀
352 FLA FL: Gainesville, Ocala  
386 FUN FL: Daytona Beach Spring Break!
456 I-56 🖥️ Int’l inbound 56K (discontinued in 2017)
463 IND IN: Indianapolis  
473 GRE 🇬🇩 Grenada (Caribbean)  
627 NAP CA: NAPa and Sonoma Counties (planned 3-way split of 707 was cancelled)
649 🇹🇨 Turks & Caicos (Caribbean) most numbers are 649-946-xxxx; (649 = MIX, but that’s probably by accident)
726 SAN San Antonio SAN antonio
758 S Lu 🇱🇨 St. Lucia (Caribbean)
767 ROS 🇩🇲 Dominica (Caribbean) capital is ROSeau
784 SVG 🇻🇨 St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Caribbean)
786 SUN FL: Miami/Dade ☀️😎
787 Pt R 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico  
847 VIP IL: north suburbs of Chicago  
859 UKY KY: Lexington, Covington Univ. of Kentucky
865 VOL TN: Knoxville U. Tenn. VOLs (Volunteers)
867 TOP 🇨🇦 Yukon, NWT, Nunavut (northern Canada) TOP of the world
868 TnT 🇹🇹 Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean)
872 USA IL: Chicago (312 & 773) Chicago is 🇺🇸 America’s crossroads
925 WAL CA: WALnut Creek, Livermore also 925=Y2K (925 created in 1998)

Other Mnemonics

Code Mnem. Area Notes
223 ACE PA: Harrisburg State gov’t is ACE? (also ABE, BAD, BAE, CAD…)
224 BAH IL: north sub’s of Chicago BAH humbug if you’re not a VIP (overlay of 847 = VIP)
234 BEG OH: Akron, Canton, Youngstown Please can we have a new code?
235 AFK MO: Springfield, Jefferson City (overlays 573) I’m Away From my Keyboard, probably because I’m using my All-Electric Kitchen
236 CDN 🇨🇦 BC: entire province Yes, we’re CanaDiaN!
242 BHA 🇧🇸 Bahamas BaHAmas, or bAHAmas
248 BIT MI: Oakland County, Pontiac Not all the Detroit suburbs, just a BIT
253 ALE WA: Tacoma Lots of brew pubs?
263 AME 🇨🇦 QC: Montréal Montréal, c’est l’âme du Québec (Montreal is the soul of Quebec)
269 ANY MI: Kalamazoo ANY COY BOY wants a BMW in a BOX
276 ARM VA: southwestern Keep us at ARM’s length from D.C., BRO!
274 ASH WI: Green Bay (overlays 920) CRIkey, ARI, BRIng the ASH for the APHids or we’ll be on CSI
279 CRY CA: Sacramento Boo hoo, I didn’t get a 916 number
283 ATE OH: Cincinnati Cincy ATE up all the 513 numbers, BUD
289 AUX 🇨🇦 ON: Toronto suburbs secondary code (BTW, also BUY)
323 FAD CA: downtown Los Angeles the epicenter of DAD trendiness
324 FAG FL: Jacksonville (overlays 904) probably an accident, but don’t tell the governor!
326 FAN OH: Dayton (overlays 937) YES (937), Dayton is a FAN of area codes!
327 FAS AR:most (and before long, all) of the state Arkansas is growing FASt
332 DEB NY: Manhattan DEBut of a new area code for 🎄‍DECember or 💝‍FEBruary
339 FEW MA: near suburbs of Boston (overlays 781) not many people know 781 has an overlay
343 DIE 🇨🇦 ON: Ottawa I’d DIE for a 613 number
346 DIM TX: Houston We take a DIM view of new numbers?
347 DIP NY: NYC except Manhattan Take a DIP in the East River!
(357) ELP CA: Fresno (will overlay 559) Would’ve been a great area code for EL Paso
364 DOG KY: Paducah (overlays 270) This DOG’ll hunt?
367 D’OR 🇨🇦 QC: Québec (overlays 418) ENQuébec, c’est la ville D’OR (FOR ms-DOS)
369 FOX CA: Napa, Sonoma (overlays 707) need a FOX to guard all the wine
382 ETC 🇨🇦 ON: London, Windsor overlays 519, ETC., etc.
423 ICE TN: Chattanooga We HAD to say, the South is twICE as nICE
424 GAG CA: coastal L.A. County (overlays 310) icky overlay cancelled (but reinstated!)
425 HAL WA: Redmond all-powerful computer run amok
428 HAT 🇨🇦 NB: whole province You can hang up your HAT in New Brunswick!
435 HEL UT: rural areas incl. HELper, Utah
437 HER 🇨🇦 ON: Toronto The Queen’s City, never know when HER majesty might visit
438 GET 🇨🇦 QC: Montréal Did you GET my number? À quelle HEUre?
443 HID MD: Baltimore You should’ve HID that GIF!
445 HIL PA: Philadelphia Welcome to pHILadelphia!
447 HIS IL: Champaign, Springfield What’s HIS phone number? Is he HIP?
469 HOW TX: Dallas HOW many area codes??
475 IRK CT: southwestern new code annoys some
(483) GTE AL: Montgomery () Nostalgic for crappy phone service? or maybe you’re looking for a Heads-Up Display?
484 HUG PA: Philadelphia suburbs You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania!
534 LEG WI: Eau Claire Show some LEG in Wisconsin winter!
539 KEY OK: Tulsa Tulsa has the KEY to your heart
548 KIT 🇨🇦 ON: London, Windsor, Kitchener KITchener is all LIT up
562 JOB CA: Long Beach Get a JOB, you beach bums!
563 JOE IA: Quad Cities We’re average JOEs
564 LOG WA: western (overlays 360, soon 206, and later 425 and 253) JOG to the timber industry, or build a KOI pond
573 LSD MO: Columbia, Jefferson City incl. 😵‍💫 state capital, home of the KREmlin’s Mardi Gras KREwe
574 KRI IN: South Bend KRIs KRIngle, or maybe KRIs KRIstofferson?
575 KQJ NM: Las Cruces, Taos, 👽‍Roswell‍🛸 Little green men can’t spell!
585 JUL NY: Rochester JULy is when the snow melts
623 MAD AZ: west Phoenix area Angry about the 3-way split? It’s now an overlay!
624 NAG NY: Buffalo (overlays 716) Don’t forget to update your phone lists, and take out the trash, and feed the cat, and …
626 MAN CA: Pasadena Man, oh, man! Do you play the OBOe?
628 OCT CA: San Francisco (overlays 415) the NAVy comes in OCTober for Fleet Week
629 MAY TN: Nashville (overlays 615) Please, MAY I have your number?
636 MEN MO: St. Charles, suburbs of St. Louis Real MEN don’t use 314?
639 NEW 🇨🇦 SK: whole province Saskatchewan has a NEW area code! (not so new any more…)
645 MIL FL: Miami and the Keys (overlays 305) Lots of MILitary around MILami
646 MHN NY: Manhattan NYC ManHattaN; Not In My 212
647 MIS 🇨🇦 ON: Toronto should’ve given this one to MISsisauga
662 MOB MS: northern the MOB demanded a new number
664 Mo I 🇲🇸 Montserrat Island (Caribbean)
667 MOR MD: Baltimore, north/east OOPs, NOPe, baltiMORe has the MOSt MOPs
669 NOW CA: San José, Silicon Valley (overlays 408) Silicon Valley is the NOW place to be, totally happenin’, dude
672 NPA 🇨🇦 BC: entire province What’s your NPA? NPA. Who’s on first?
678 Mr T GA: Atlanta The A-Team OPTs to live in Atlanta?
(679) OSX MI: Detroit (will overlay 313) big  Apple fans
684 MUG 🇦🇸 American Samoa souvenir for your coffee?
689 MUY FL: Orlando (overlays 407) MUY bien, Orlando loves MUZak?
725 PAL NV: Las Vegas (overlays 702) the dealer ♠️♥️♦️♣️ wants to be your PAL?
727 RAP FL: St. Petersburg St. Pete has it all, from RAP to PBS
728 RAT FL: Palm Beach (overlays 561) PAT the RAT SAT in the SAVory SAUce
(729) SAY TN: Chattanooga, Johnson City (will overlay 423) SAY, RAY, i SAW you PAY for that SAX
732 SEA NJ: Jersey Shore lots of RECreation by the SEA shore
734 PEG MI: Ann Arbor REIgning REGulation PEGs for SEGues
737 REP TX: Austin (overlays 512) Call your state REPresentative in SEPtember
(738) SET CA: downtown Los Angeles (will overlay 213 & 323) Downtown is SET to have three area codes, unless the PETs stage a REVolution
742 SHA 🇨🇦 ON: Toronto suburbs (overlays 905) SHAre the RHApsody of an RGB PICture of Mississauga
743 SHE NC: Greensboro, Winston-Salem SHE gets RID of the PIE, SID
747 SIR CA: San Fernando Valley (NW Los Angeles) Yes, SIR! I’m a PIRate 🏴‍☠️ SISter
(748) SIT CO: Grand Junction (overlays 970) Good area code! Now, fetch!!
753 QLD 🇨🇦 ON: Ottawa (overlays 613) G’day, mate, PLEase be nice to the SLEeping Canadians
754 SKI FL: Fort Lauderdale 954 & 754 overlay
762 ROB GA: northern (overlays 706) I’ll SMAck the SOB who says we ROB P.O.C.s for SNAcks
763 SOD MN: suburbs north of Minneapolis Get this SOD off my lawn!
765 SOL IN: Lafayette, central POKe the POLiticians with SOLar energy
769 SOY MS: Jacksonville a POX on ROY and his SOY SOX
772 SPA FL: Vero Beach coastal resorts
773 SPE IL: Chicago Chicago is even more SPEcial outside downtown
774 SPH MA: Cape Cod (overlays 508) In this SPHere, we make it a PRIority to only play SPIcy RPGs 🧙🏽‍🪄
775 SPL NV: most of the state SPLat! You’re not in Vegas.
778 SQU 🇨🇦 BC: entire province PRUdent not to eat the SQUare SPUds
779 SPY IL: Rockford, Joliet Sooper-seekrit overlay? We won’t PRY
782 SUB 🇨🇦 Nova Scotia & P.E.I. SUBstitute for a PUB or a RUB
785 PUL KS: Topeka the PULse of the heartland
825 TAK 🇨🇦 AB: entire province 825 will TAKe you from TALberta to VALberta
826 TAN VA: D.C. exurbs (overlays 540) Get some 🫔 TAMales from the TAN VAN!
828 TAT NC: Asheville We let U-B-U, TATtoos and all
829 TAX 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic We’ll TAX the UAW!
832 TEC TX: Houston Houston has high-TECh TEA?
835 TEL PA: Philly suburbs (overlays 610) Lots of TEL-EPH-ONES
(837) TES CA: Redding, Chico (will overlay 530) TESting, 1, 2, 3, is this overlay working yet?
838 VET NY: Albany We honor VETeran(arian)s!
839 TEX SC: Columbia Oy VEY, South Carolina annexed by TEXas, how VEXing
843 TID SC: Charleston, coastal THE TIDewater?
845 VIL NY: Lower Hudson lots of UGLy VILlages TIL you get to West Point?
848 THU NJ: Jersey Shore (overlays 732) Let’s go to the SEA (732) shore on THUrsday
849 THY 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic What is THY third area code?
857 UKR MA: Boston (overlays 617) Slava 🇺🇦 UKRaini!
858 ULT CA: San Diego It’s the ULTimate!
862 UMB NJ: Newark (overlays 973) We could take UMBrage at our overlay, but we are UNBothered
863 TOE FL: Lakeland dip a TOE in Lake Okeechobee
864 UNI SC: northwest Good spot for a UNIversity, especially if you like st:TNG
869 TOY 🇰🇳 St. Kitts & Nevis (Caribbean) an area code is not a TOY
873 USE 🇨🇦 QC: Gatineau, Kuujjuaq (overlays 819) USE 873 for une TRÈs grand partie of the province
876 TRO 🇯🇲 Jamaica great place for a TROpical vacation
878 TRU PA: western (overlays 412 and 724) It’s TRUe, 3 area codes for western PA
879 TRY 🇨🇦 Newfoundland & Labrador (overlay in 2024) TRY to wait for the overlay
(924) WAG MN: Mankato (will overlay 507) 🐕 I’ll WAGer the dogs like it
929 WAY NY: NYC except Manhattan 🎼 Do you know the WAY to Staten Island?
936 ZEN TX: Huntsville I’ve a YEN for the ZEN
937 YES OH: Dayton Say YES to 937! (and 326!)
938 YET AL: Huntsville There aren’t YET any WET YETis in Alabama
942 WHA 🇨🇦 ON: Toronto (overlays 416) WHAt’s up with Toronto area codes?
943 WHE GA: Atlanta metro (overlays 404 and 770) WHEn did Atlanta get another area code?
945 WIL TX: Dallas (overlays 214 and 972) Star Trek 🖖 guy should get 945-943-2866 (WIL-WHE-ATON)
947 ZIP MI: Pontiac, Troy (overlays 248) No, WISe guy, these are area codes!
948 WIT VA: Norfolk (overlays 757) very amusing
949 WHY CA: south Orange County WHY split 714??
972 WRA TX: Dallas (mostly suburbs) Let’s WRAp this one to go
973 WRE NJ: Newark a pretty WREn in a tree
975 XQJ MO: Kansas City (overlays 816) seriously, this doesn’t work w_th__t   v_w_ls
978 WRU MA: northeastern fans of the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Welsh Rugby Union?
979 WRY TX: College Station Aggies have a WRY sense of humor?
983 WTF CO: Denver Denver has three area codes? WTF??
984 WTH NC: Raleigh (overlays 919) What The Heck? 983 wasn’t available?
985 YUL LA: Hammond YULetide in the YUKon … Cajun style
986 YUM Idaho Tasty Idaho potatoes 🥔
989 YUX MI: Saginaw 🤣 lots of laffs in the middle of the mitten

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