A small article about me appeared in the New York Times magazine section on . The article mentioned that I have a web site, but didn’t give the URL. A number of people have told me that they had difficulty finding it using the search engines, so I put up this little page to be found by searches on the string “Linc Madison,” since most of my page titles use the shorter form “LincMad” instead.

New York Times article

, Sunday magazine page 9
by Rich Brown

Code Happy To most Manhattanites, the introduction next year of a new area code (646) is an unavoidable pain. To Linc Madison, an area-code buff based in San Francisco, new digits are a source of endless pleasure. Madison, a 34-year-old telecommunications consultant, displays on a Web site his encyclopedic knowledge of codes and their 50-year history. He also likes to play trivia games like, say, calculating the number of code zones you would drive through on imaginary trips from Fredericksburg, Va., to Salem, Mass. “If you made that trip in 1947, you would go through 11 area codes. If you do it today, you’re up to 26,” he says authoritatively. Madison admits that this is an acquired taste. How does it go over around the family table at holiday time? “My father is interested somewhat,” he says. “But my brother is bored silly.”

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