LincMad’s Planned Area Codes Not Yet in Service

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(The notation “618 ⇒ 10D” indicates that the area changed to 10-digit local calling before the overlay took/takes effect, permissive , mandatory between and ; for more details on “The Big 10D,” follow the link. If you would like to see my unofficial guesses for upcoming new area codes, try the Predictions page.)

new NPA Location old NPA(s) effective NANPA PLs & CRTC Decisions status
227 MD: Washington suburbs 301 & 240 PL-603 announced in 2001, finally actually happening!
235 MO: Columbia, Jefferson City 573 PL-596 Active
257 BC: entire province 604, 250, etc. CNAC proposal Proposed, NPA and date subject to change •
Proposé, indicatif et date sous réserve
(263) QC: Montréal 514 & 438 PL-572, CRTC 2021-364 [now in use • maintenant en vigueur]
274 WI: Green Bay 920
PL-593, (PL-586), (PL-442), (PL-417), (PL-385) Originally proposed for 2012, Finally officially scheduled! 920 ⇒ 10D
283 OH: Cincinnati 513 2023-04-28 PL-579, PL-316, PL-286, PL-264 Active
324 FL: Jacksonville 904 PL-598 Active, date to be determined
327 AR: Jonesboro 870
PL-604, PL-587, PL-437, PL-400 Active, officially scheduled, date advanced by 3½ months
(329) NY: Poughkeepsie (845) PL-591 [now in use]
(350) CA: Stockton, Modesto 209 PL-594, (CPUC press release) [now in use, finally actually happened!]
353 WI: Madison, southwestern 608 PL-605 Active, officially scheduled
(354) QC: Montreal suburbs 450 & 579 PL-590, PL-589, PL-573, CRTC 2021-373, PL-533, CRTC 2019-347, PL-526, CRTC 2019-13 [now in use • maintenant en vigueur]
(363) NY: Nassau County, Long Island 516 PL-581 [now in use]
(369) CA: Santa Rosa, Napa, north coast 707 & 369 PL-599 [now in use]
382 ON: London, Windsor 519 & 226 & 548 PL-583, CRTC 2022-51 Active; date and NPA confirmed •
Actif; date et indicatif confirmés
428 NB: entire province 506
PL-600 CRTC 2020-363, PL-553, PL-549, PL-539, PL-522, CRTC 2020-135, CRTC 2018-332 new date confirmed • nouvelle date confirmée
436 OH: Ashtabula, Lorain, outer suburbs of Cleveland 440 PL-610, PUCO announcement new date confirmed
460 ON: Sudbury 705 CRTC 2022-308 [en] CRTC 2022-308 [fr] officially announced, subject to change • officiellement annoncé, sous réserve
(468) QC: Hull, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Kuujjuaq 819 & 873 PL-575, CRTC 2021-393 [en], CRTC 2021-393 [fr] [now in use • maintenant en vigueur]
(472) NC: Fayetteville, Wilmington 910 ()
PL-569, (PL-565) [Now in use], date advanced by almost 5 months
(557) MO: St Louis 314 PL-567, PL-303, PL-279, PL-261 [Finally in effect]; originally approved for 2001
(584) MB: entire province • l’ensemble de la province 204 & 431 PL-592, (PL-584), CRTC 2022-50 [now in use] •
[maintenant en vigueur]
623 AZ: Phoenix metro area 602 & 480 & 623 PL-576 Active; 602/480/623 split boundaries will be erased, creating the 602 & 480 & 623 overlay; in practice, mostly new 623 numbers will be assigned into the current 480 and 602 areas
624 NY: Buffalo, western tip 716 & 624 PL-607, NY-PSC press release Active, date confirmed; 716 ⇒ 10D
645 FL: Miami/Dade, Florida Keys 305 & 786 PL-588, “Consumer Information Summary” [PDF] Active, date confirmed
679 MI: Detroit 313, 734 suspended PL-227, PL-209 Suspended, 2024?
686 VA: Richmond, Petersburg 804 & 686 PL-608 officially announced and scheduled
(728) FL: Palm Beach County 561 PL-582 [now in use]
730 IL: East St Louis 618 PL-595 Finally scheduled for 2023
618 ⇒ 10D
821 SC: Greenville, northwestern 864 & 821 PL-606 Active, officially scheduled
(835) PA: Allentown 610 & 484 PL-578, PL-344, PL-274, PL-267, PL-237 [now in use]
(861) IL: Bloomington, Peoria, Quad Cities 309 PL-577 [now in use]
879 NL: entire province 709

PL-557, CRTC 2021-13, PL-521, PL-514, PL-503, CRTC 2018-333, CRTC 2018-59, CRTC 2017-35 Suspended/suspendu, ~2027/2028;
Note that 709 will change to 10D on as part of Canada’s 988 mandate
709 changera à la composition locale à dix chiffres le dans le cadre du mandat 988 du Canada
942 ON: Toronto 416 & 647 & 437 CNAC proposal Proposed, NPA and date subject to change •
Proposé, indicatif et date sous réserve
(948) VA: Norfolk 757 PL-546 [now in use]; dates advanced by 5½ months
975 MO: Kansas City 816 PL-597, PL-568, PL-303, PL-280, PL-262 Finally officially scheduled, but then postponed by 8 months
816 ⇒ 10D


About This Table

This table lists area codes (NPAs) that have been assigned but are not yet active, in numerical order by the new area code. The location lists the principal city of the area in question. The old NPA(s) is/are the currently active area code(s) of that area: if two or more codes are separated by ampersands (&), those area codes are already in an overlay and the new area code will be added to that overlay complex; if two codes are separated by commas, those area codes currently serve two distinct geographic areas, but the new area code will overlay both. The effective date is the earliest date on which end-user numbers in the new area code can be made available; dates shown in italics? are not yet officially confirmed. Note: all dates are in year-month-day format, so = April 29, 2023. The notation indicates the 2nd Quarter of 2027.

NANPA PLs identifies the Planning Letters related to the new NPA; click on the link to download the Planning Letter (PDF format). Items labeled as CRTC are official documents from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes), rather than from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), per se. [Pour accéder à ces documents en français, cliquer sur le lien ici vers le document anglais, puis cliquer sur «Français» dans le coin supérieur droit de la page.] Within each category, the Planning Letters or other documents are listed in reverse chronological order. The status is generally either Active (the activation of the new area code has been scheduled, or administrative proceedings are currently in process) or Suspended (area code activation not scheduled and administrative proceedings formally suspended), with other information as appropriate. A year shown with a question mark is an estimate based on best available information.

In addition, the Canadian CRTC recently announced several codes planned for the next decade. Area codes 403 and 780, the entire province of Alberta, will be overlaid with 568, probably around 2027. Area code 902, the provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, will be overlaid with 851, and area code 905, the suburbs of Toronto, will be overlaid with 537, both probably around 2028. Area code 705 in central Ontario will be overlaid with 460, probably around 2031.

NANPA has also released a list of codes planned for future expansion of 500 non-geographic services: 532, 535, 538, 542, 543, 545, 546, 547, 549, 550, 552, 553, 554, 556, 558, 569, 578, and 589. All of the so-called 5YY codes (500, 522, 533, 544, 566, 577, and 578; 511, 555, and 599 are reserved) have been assigned, so NANPA is now assigning random unused 5XX codes, beginning with 521 and 523 through 529, to be followed by the codes shown above.

This table is modeled after NANPA’s page Planned NPAs Not Yet in Service, but with accurate and up-to-date information, for a refreshing change.