Caribbean Area Codes

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Starting in 1958, several island countries and territories in the Caribbean and adjacent areas of the Atlantic were assigned North American area code 809. Area code 809 was nearing its capacity in the mid-1990s, so new area codes were assigned in 1995, 1996, and 1997, with the end result that each country or separate territory now has its own area code. Only the Dominican Republic retained area code 809. All numbering (assignment of prefixes) within the Caribbean region of the NANP is now handled by the telecom ministries of the various countries and territories. Puerto Rico overlaid 939 onto its 787 area code in 2001. The Dominican Republic overlaid 829 onto its 809 area code in 2005 and added 849 in 2009. Jamaica overlaid 658 onto its 876 area code in 2019. However, there are not expected to be any further area code splits in the region for many years.

An additional island — actually, half an island — joined the NANP in 2011. See the information on Sint Maarten below.

The chart below shows the area codes in the NANP Caribbean. The two-letter abbreviation before the name of the island is its ISO country code, used for Internet domains. Time zones are shown in the same format used on the “Locator” page (list of all NANP area codes in numerical order). To convert to international time format (offset from UTC/GMT), subtract 12 hours from the time shown. For example, 7:00 (Eastern Standard Time) is ‎UTC–05:00‎.

You can also see a map of Caribbean area codes and country codes at caribmap.html. For other North American area codes, see the “Locator” page ‎(en español • en français) or the US/Canada area code/‌time zone map.

Time Zone
January • July
Island NPA Spells
8:00 AI Anguilla ‎+1 264‎ ANG
8:00 AG Antigua & Barbuda ‎+1 268‎ ANT
7:00 • 8:00 BS Bahamas ‎+1 242‎ BHA
8:00 BB Barbados ‎+1 246‎ BIM
8:00 • 9:00 BM Bermuda (Atlantic) ‎+1 441‎  
8:00 VG British Virgin Islands ‎+1 284‎ BVI
7:00 • 8:00 KY Cayman Islands (Note: The Caymans now observe DST, beginning in 2016.) ‎+1 345‎  
8:00 DM Dominica ‎+1 767‎ ROS
8:00 DO Dominican Republic [] +1 809
+1 829
+1 849
8:00 GD Grenada & Carriacou ‎+1 473‎ GRE
7:00 JM Jamaica (‎876 & 658‎ overlay effective ‎2019-04-30‎) ‎+1 876‎
‎+1 658‎
8:00 MS Montserrat ‎+1 664‎ MO I
8:00 PR Puerto Rico [] ‎+1 787‎ PT R
8:00 KN St. Kitts & Nevis ‎+1 869‎  
8:00 LC St. Lucia ‎+1 758‎ S LU
8:00 SX Sint Maarten [] ‎+1 721‎  
8:00 VC St. Vincent & the Grenadines ‎+1 784‎ SVG
8:00 TT Trinidad & Tobago ‎+1 868‎ T’n’T
 8:00  TC Turks & Caicos Islands (Note: The Turks & Caicos changed time zone in 2015.) ‎+1 649‎  
8:00 VI U.S. Virgin Islands ‎+1 340‎  

Time Zones: With the exception of Samoa and Mexico, the locations shown that observe Daylight Saving Time, do so on the U.S./Canadian schedule, from the second Sunday of March until the first Sunday of November; for example, from until , or from until . Mexico uses slightly different dates, although areas near the U.S. border mostly use the U.S. dates. WS Samoa uses very different dates, because it is in the southern hemisphere. Cuba formerly used different dates, but has moved its schedule to the same dates used in the U.S. The other islands listed above observe standard time year-round. To convert to international time zone notation (offset from UTC/GMT), subtract 12 hours from the time shown here; for example, 7:00 (Eastern Standard Time) corresponds to ‎UTC–05:00‎.

TC Turks & Caicos changed time zone in 2015 from Eastern Standard Time with Daylight Saving Time, to Atlantic Standard Time without DST. Beginning in 2016, the KY Cayman Islands do observe DST.

SX Sint Maarten was part of AN the Netherlands Antilles, country code ‎+599. However, Sint Maarten has transitioned to a new separate status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The new ISO country code (and thus Internet domain) has been assigned and is now active; the telephone code changed to country code ‎+1, city code 721. Calling from North America, ‎011-599-5xx-xxxx‎ has changed to ‎1-721-5xx-xxxx‎. The telephone numbering switchover was originally scheduled for ‎2010-05-31‎, mandatory on ‎2010-11-30‎, but was postponed until ‎2011-09-30‎ (permissive), ‎2012-09-30‎ (mandatory). You must now use ‎+1 721 for Sint Maarten. These changes do not affect MF (French) Saint-Martin.

The former AN Netherlands Antilles has two other new ISO country codes assigned, some of which have been activated for the Internet. The Caribbean Netherlands, also known as the BES islands (Bonaire, Sint Eustasius, & Saba) have been assigned BQ, and Curaçao is now using CW. The ‎.an domain has been discontinued, and ‎.bq has not yet been activated, so for the time being use ‎.nl (Netherlands) for the BES islands. No plans have been announced to change the ‎+599 telephone country code for CW Curaçao and BQ BES islands.

PR Puerto Rico added area code ‎+1 939‎ as an overlay of ‎+1 787‎ on ‎2001-09-15‎.

DO Dominican Republic added area code ‎+1 829‎ as an overlay of ‎+1 809‎ on ‎2005-08-01‎, and area code ‎+1 849‎ as a further overlay on ‎2009-07-01‎.

JM Jamaica added area code ‎+1 658‎ as an overlay of ‎+1 876‎ on ‎2019-04-30‎. Mandatory 10-digit dialing began ‎2019-03-30‎. (Jamaica postponed the implementation of the 658 overlay to allow more time for businesses to update their equipment to accommodate 10-digit dialing.)

The mnemonic ROS for ‎+1 767‎ DM Dominica comes from the name of the capital city, Roseau. The mnemonic BIM for ‎+1 246 BB Barbados is a local nickname for the island.

Also see the map of area codes and time zones in the Caribbean region.

Many islands in the Caribbean used to host various sexually-oriented “chat lines” and other services. For information about this practice and the specific prefixes involved, see the page on international kickback numbers. (The listing of prefixes there is provided entirely without warranty.) Note that the telesleaze page itself contains no sexual content, and is safe for children.

Three U.S. territories in the Pacific (GU Guam, MP the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and AS American Samoa) recently converted from international country codes to North American area codes. Guam changed from ‎+671‎ to ‎+1 671‎, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands ‎(CNMI)‎ changed from ‎+670‎ to ‎+1 670‎, and American Samoa changed from ‎+684‎ to ‎+1 684‎. Calling from North America, change the “011” prefix to “1” (e.g., ‎1-671‎ instead of ‎011-671‎); from all other countries, add the country code “1” after the international dialing prefix. There was no change to the existing 7-digit numbering structure within each territory.

The change in AS American Samoa’s telephone code does not affect WS the Independent State of Samoa (formerly known as Western Samoa), country code ‎+685‎. However, Independent Samoa changed its time zone at the end of 2011. At the end of 2011, WS Samoa crossed the International Date Line, changing its standard time zone from ‎UTC–11:00‎ to ‎UTC+13:00‎; in LincMad notation, it changed from ‎[ 2:00 • 1:00 ] to ‎[ 26:00 • 25:00 ]. Locally, there was no ‎2011-12-30‎. Because it is in the Southern Hemisphere, Samoa observes DST beginning on the last Sunday in September and ending on the first Saturday in April (for instance, from ‎2020-09-27‎ to ‎2021-04-04‎ and from ‎2021-09-26‎ to ‎2022-04-03‎). The time zone change does not affect American Samoa, which remains in ‎UTC–11:00‎ (1:00). Click here for the current date and time in Samoa and American Samoa.

The old country codes ‎+670‎, ‎+671‎, and ‎+684‎ are discontinued. Country code ‎+670‎ has now been assigned to TL Timor-Leste (East Timor); ‎+671‎ and ‎+684‎ are available for reassignment.

Several other islands in the Caribbean or other areas adjacent to the North American Numbering Plan area, have their own international country codes, rather than North American area codes in country code 1. Those country codes are summarized in the chart below.

Time Zone
January • July
Country or Territory Code
8:00 AW Aruba (Netherlands) ‎+297‎
8:00 (BQ) Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, or BES islands) (use AN) ‎+599‎
7:00 • 8:00 CU Cuba ‎+53‎
8:00 CW Curaçao (use AN) ‎+599‎
8:00 GP Guadeloupe [] ‎+590‎
7:00 HT Haiti ‎+509‎
(multiple) GL Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland, Denmark) ‎+299‎
24:00 MH (Rep. of the) Marshall Islands ‎+692‎
8:00 MQ Martinique (France) ‎+596‎
(multiple) MX México ‎+52‎
(multiple) FM (Federated States of) Micronesia ‎+691‎
8:00 BL Saint Barthélemy, French Antilles ‎+590‎
8:00 MF Saint-Martin, French Antilles; (French half of the island) ‎+590‎
9:00 • 10:00 PM St. Pierre & Miquelon (France) ‎+508‎
1:00 AS American Samoa (U.S.) (see note above) ‎+1 684‎
26:00 • 25:00 WS Independent Samoa (Western Samoa) ‎+685‎
8:00 AN Sint Maarten (Dutch half of St. Martin); use ‎+1 721‎ only ‎+599‎
8:00 SX Sint Maarten (Dutch half of St. Martin) ‎+1 721‎
21:00 TL Timor-Leste (East Timor) ‎+670‎

Time Zones are shown as noted under the first table. PM St. Pierre & Miquelon observe DST on the same schedule as the USA and Canada. CU Cuba has changed its dates for DST, and now uses the same schedule as its neighbors. WS The Independent State of Samoa is south of the equator, so it observes DST during the northern hemisphere’s winter; see above for more information.

MH The Marshall Islands, FM Micronesia, and WS+AS Samoa are in the Pacific Ocean. TL Timor-Leste (East Timor) is north of Australia, between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. PM St. Pierre and Miquelon are off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. GL Kalaallit Nunaat (a.k.a. Greenland) is in the far north Atlantic Ocean. CU Cuba, the French and Netherlands Antilles, HT Haiti, and MQ Martinique are in the Caribbean.

The French Antilles include GP Guadeloupe, BL Saint Barthélemy, and MF Saint‑Martin. However, for internet domains, use either ‎.gp‎ or ‎.fr‎ (France).

The Netherlands Antilles included CW Curaçao; BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustasius, and Saba; and SX Sint Maarten, but were dissolved as a political entity on ‎2010-10-10‎. The new ISO codes (Internet country codes) have been assigned: ‎.cw‎ and ‎.sx‎ have been activated, but ‎.bq‎ has not yet been activated on the Internet; ‎.an‎ is still in use during the changeover.

The island of St. Martin is divided between France ‎(+590)‎ and the Netherlands ‎(+599)‎. The Dutch side (Sint Maarten) changed to ‎+1 721‎, permissive ‎2011-09-30‎, mandatory ‎2012-09-30‎. (More informationinformatie in het Nederlandsrenseignements en français)

Calling from North America, these locations are dialed as 011 plus the country code plus the local number. From outside North America, substitute the appropriate international dialing prefix (most commonly 00).